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Florida Bible College - Julie Hunsucker - Florida Bible College Alumnus

Julie Hunsucker Florida Bible College Alumnus

I am so excited to hear that Florida Bible College will soon be educating students again!  I was 15 when I was saved under the ministry of a FBC grad, Mels Carbonell, at Dunedin Youth Ranch.  From there, I was discipled and helped to grow in Christ through Bible studies, Ranch attendance and Spring and Summer camps.  I could hardly WAIT to be old enough to attend FBC!  I was able to do that in the Fall of 1970. 
At FBC, I not only got a solid Biblical base for my life and future ministry experiences, but I also had the opportunity to put into practice all I was learning everyday!  Youth Ranch, local church, tel-evangelism and Jewish ministry were only a few of the ministries open to us.  There were also singing groups, missions projects, magazines and door to door evangelism  with evangelism being the key word in all of these! 
Eternal life, through faith alone in Christ alone, apart from works was the message we were encouraged to share every day, wherever we were.  And, that set us apart from many other religious institutes at the time.  I thank God for that message of life!!  I KNOW I have eternal life and sharing this has been the privilege of a lifetime.  I am grateful to God for using Florida Bible College for giving me assurance and a purpose in life!

Florida Bible College Alumnus

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