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Florida Bible College - Bernie Hunsucker - Florida Bible College Alumnus

Bernie Hunsucker Florida Bible College Alumnus

I came to FBC in August 1970 having never heard of Youth Ranch, and never having met anyone from there.  A friend of mine visited and brought back catalogs after hearing Dick Seymour speak at his church. I was reared in a very solid Christian home and wanted to go to a Bible college for at least a year. The catalog course descriptions looked like what I wanted. We told ourselves if FBC didnt turn out to be what we wanted, we would transfer to Miami Bible College after the first semester!  Of course, I stayed four years and graduated in 1974.

FBC was exactly what I needed.  Before I went I could tell anyone what I believed about many biblical things, but couldnt do very well with the reasons why I believed those things.  At FBC I received the answers.  And FBC gave me a solid foundation for the lifelong continuation of the study of God and His Word, and for teaching it to others.  The importance of sound doctrine and the emphasis on being clear with the gospel message were the cornerstones of that foundation.  So I'm very glad to know that FBC is restarting soon!

I thank God for teaching me so much through my time at FBC.  I've been in business for almost 40 years, but have never regretting not getting a business education.  I've used my biblical education to serve as an elder and teach God's Word to high schoolers and adults at Grace Bible Church of Charlotte for the past 33 years.  And I thank and praise God for the other blessing He gave me through FBC - my dear wife of 39 years - Julie Jamerson Hunsucker, whom I met there!

Florida Bible College Alumnus

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