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Florida Bible College - Jeff Wells - Florida Bible College Alumnus

Jeff Wells Florida Bible College Alumnus

In 1967 I met Mels Carbonell at a Youth Ranch Bible Study and learned of Florida Bible College. I was saved at age 12 and grew up in a Christian family and a great church. I went to our church's summer camps and later was a counselor there. I was headed to the University of Florida to study Forestry but in my Senior year of High School after visiting FBC in Miami and going to Boca camps for two years, the Lord led me to change directions and go to FBC.I went there without the support of my father but trusting God to help me make it through. God was great and did provide for me in many ways. I  learned more than I ever thought possible about God's Love, His Word, how to have a Spirit led life and most importantly, how to lead others to Eternal Life with Jesus.

When I left FBC in 1972 I came home to work with Mels plus at Grace Bible Church in the Bus Ministry, Children's Church and Sunday School. In 2008 I reconnected with the FBCAA at our Reunion in Marietta, Ga. finding one of my old roommates from Miami-Bubba Bryant plus Mels and many other friends. With my Spiritual walk revived I endeavored to get more involved with the Alumni Association.

God helped me to survive Cancer in November of 2011 and a near death hospitalization 4 months later plus nearly a year of recovering while out of work. Through all of this I have been thankful for the education I received at FBC and the friends I made there. I'm excited about the restart of our Alma Mater-The Florida Bible College & the efforts of the FBCAA Officers/FBC Trustees to get this done.

Along with the many Alumni who are still serving the Lord in their many ministries, I see an opportunity for others to again have a Bible College education and experience like I had. Please join me in supporting our Alumni leaders/Trustee leaders in this restart of The Florida Bible College.

Jeff Wells (FBC '69-'72).

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