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Florida Bible College - Michael De-Jesus - Florida Bible College Alumnus

Michael De-Jesus Florida Bible College Alumnus

I am thrilled to hear of the restart of FBC.  It is an answer to prayer that I've had for some time.

The Biblical Education and training that I received there has stayed with me my entire life and is what sustained me throughout my career. The hours spent on memorizing scripture really came home to me when the Lord had me stationed in the Middle East.

The Lord saw fit to take me out of school after 3 years and use what I'd learned in a very different way--not in Ranch, a Church or other type of full time ministry, but rather in a unique environment-the US military as an Air Force Police/SWAT Unit.  During my career (because of my work) the 23rd Psalm became very real to me in this part of my life's chapter.

Over the years I've encountered and worked with many people from many denominations, cultures, customs, cults and beliefs. Because of those experiences I could see so much of the importance of having a good solid fundamental Bible teaching. This is why I am thrilled about the restart of FBC.

With FBC I Know there will always be sound, practical teaching of the gospel and the word of God, in not only knowing how to give it out-but in how to live in this century. Any student of FBC will be equip to take It's teachings with them in whatever area of work God has them doing; whether it be full time, or like myself, in another secular field.
I am gladly going to recommend FBC to parents, students or whoever wants a Clear sound teaching in Biblical Education.

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